Fix-A-Floor Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will Fix-A-Floor work if I have heated floors?
A: Yes! We have customers using Fix-A-Floor with heated floor elements all the time with no problems. Keep heating element off before, during & for 48 hrs. after applying.
Q: I haven't grouted my floor yet or some of my grout is missing here and there or completely gone? How can I use Fix-A-Floor?
A: If bits and pieces of grout are missing around the problem area, vaccum debris and go ahead and Drill & Fill, the adhesive will spill up out of grout lines and help to re-bond failing grout. Then re grout entire area.  If your grout is completely gone or its a newly laid floor we recommend first trying to inject the adhesive before grouting so it does not block the void, then go ahead and grout.  The grout will adhere to any adhesive you may see in the grout lines so no need to dig out any dried Fix-A-Floor out of grout lines.   Be sure to wipe tiles clean with wet sponge. If dried residue appears scrub off with white scruby sponge or use our Fix-A-Floor Residue Remover.
Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor to fix my entire floor or just a small area?
A: Fix-A-Floor works great on all size problem areas from 1 tile to the whole entire floor! Works on all types of Tile, Marble Stone & Loose Wood floors too!
Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor outside on my patio or deck?
A: Yes! Fix-A-Floor works beautifully on interior and exterior applications.
Q: Can i use Fix-A-Floor in my bathroom floor?
A: Yes! 100% Fix-A-Floor works great on all floors.
Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor on my shower floor?
A: Yes, but we caution customers when using Fix-A-Floor on a shower floor as drying time could be longer than normal due to moisture.
Q: Is Fix-A-Floor Safe?
A: Yes!Fix-A-Floor is a non-toxic, non-flammable and Eco-Friendly water based adhesive.
Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor on my creaky wood floors?
A: Definitely! The NEW Fix-A-Floor Polyurethane works great on creaky, squeaky wood floors and laminate too!
Q: Can I use Fix-A-Floor to re glue a tile that is off the floor?
A: Yes, simply squeeze Fix-A-Floor onto the floor where the tile was and press the tile back down onto the floor, place weight and allow to dry for 24 hrs. Tile or wood will be rebonded!
Q: Do I have to place buckets of water on my floor after I Drill & Fill?
A: It is recommended you place some kind of weight on the area to aid in curing and to be sure no excess adhesive is trapped under your floor before re grouting. It is not mandatory.
Q: What if I don’t see the adhesive coming up out of the other holes?
A: While filling Fix-A-Floor will usually come up and out of the other drilled holes. If this does not happen move to another hole and continue to fill, the adhesive is still traveling under the floor. If you see the adhesive coming back up out of the hole you are filling, be sure you are NOT pressing the tip of the tube down onto the sub floor. If you are still having troubles give us a call, most of the time we can help: 800-774-5982.
Q: Where can I buy Fix-A-Floor in my area?
A: Fix-A-Floor is available to purchase through our website and is now available in stores Nationwide at The Home Depot throughout the USA find us in the Tile Aisle! or online: www.homedepot.com also now available in Canada at Home Hardware www.homehardware.ca
Q: What is the shelf life of Fix-A-Floor?
A: Fix-A-Floor should last at least 2 years UN-opened and kept from freezing before use.
Q: What if the adhesive is clumpy or not flowing out of the tube properly?
A: The adhesive in the tube has frozen either in transit during the cold winter months this can happen. Simply contact us for a replacement.
Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping within the USA is FREE for any amount you wish to buy and arrives via USPS Priority Post within 2-3 days! No signature required.
Q: Do you ship outside the USA?
A: Yes! We ship Fix-A-Floor all over the world every day! International shipping is $29.99 and ships via USPS Priority International Post. Arrival times vary by country.
Q: Can I return un-used/un-opened tubes if I ordered too much?
A: Yes! Simply send all returns of UN-opened, non-damaged Fix-A-Floor to us with your order# if you have it within 60 days to:

Fix-A-Floor Worldwide, Inc.

Care of Returns

P.O. Box 422

Jensen Beach, FL 34958

                          If you have any other questions or simply need help feel free to contact us directly we are always happy to help! 800-774-5982 Hours: M-F 9:00 am-5:00 pm EST...

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