Ready to Fix your Loose & Squeaky Wood Floors with Fix-A-Floor?

It's Quick & Easy!

Here's How....

The Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive is also great for fixing those loose wood floor boards, finally fix those annoying squeaky and bouncy floors forever! Its' so fast and easy with Fix-A-Floor! Our specifically designed, engineered and patented 10.1 oz. tube comes with a Pre-Drilled 1/8" hole in the Tip for the sole purpose of filling smaller drilled holes in loose and squeaky wood floors as well as narrow grout lines in tiles. The Tip is extra firm and allows for a strong seal which promotes good flow and complete coverage.

Good for large and small areas! Works great on hardwood flooring glued or nailed down onto most sub floor materials especially concrete. The elastomeric polymer properties of the Fix-A-Floor adhesive will not foam or expand when applied and when it dries clear, it will move with the natural expansion and contraction of the sub floor below ensuring it will never dry and crack and lose its bond. Finally fix those loose, squeaky, bouncy wood floors forever. Not reccomended for use in moist or wet areas.   

The Fix-A-Floor Gallon Jug and our Large Application Syringe is another great way to apply Fix-A-Floor if you wish to drill an even smaller hole than 1/8" to fix those loose, squeaky, bouncy wood floors.  Always test in a small area first to ensure desired results. Keep from freezing before use.

Directions: How to Fix Loose & Squeaky Wood Floors:

1. Inside the problem area use a 9/64” drill bit simply drill 1-2 holes normally on the knots or dark spots or on the joints every square foot or so. Do not drill through Sub-Floor!

2. DO NOT CUT TIP! Simply remove by unscrewing tip and pierce a hole on the top of the threaded tube cap (with an awl), screw tip back on and begin Filling…

3. You will see the Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive travel and spill up and out of the other holes. This ensures penetration and filling of the problem area. Once filled, wipe clean with damp rag/sponge and place buckets of water or similar on subject area. Allow to cure for 24 hours. Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive dries clear!

4. Visit your local flooring/home improvement store to locate wood filler to match floor color or darker for a knot appearance and fill holes.