*NEW & IMPROVED* FIX-A-FLOOR Micro Syringe Injector Floor Fix Pro Series for Loose & Hollow Tile Repair PRO Pack (2) W/Caulk Gun


Introducing The NEW Fix-A-Floor Micro Syringe Injector PRO PACK  (2)

Fix-A-Floor’s Revolutionary “Patent Pending” NEW design incorporates the 14-Gauge Blunt Steel Injection Needle w/ Re-Sealable Cap. Directly attaches to the Fix-A-Floor tube now allowing for additional injection applications into super narrow or no grout line flooring like Marble, Tile, Stone & Wood flooring.  The included 2.5mm diamond drill bit allows for the smallest 2mm holes to be drilled, creating professional, undetectable results!  Of course, It’s also great for fixing those squeaky wood floors too! Don’t Remove or Replace, Just Drill & Fill! * It's like having 4 tips in 1: 1/8” 3/16” ¼ or 2mm you decide on the fly! Everything you need to Drill & Fill no matter what! 




Fix-A-Floor Micro Syringe Injector PRO PACK COMES WITH:

The Fix-A-Floor Micro Syringe Injector PRO PACK Comes with Everything you need:

2 - 10.1 oz tubes of The Original Fix-A-Floor Repair Adhesive

2 - Original Fix-A-Floor Tips which allows for on the fly customizable applications by cutting the tip to larger sizes if needed; (1/8” 3/16” or ¼”)

2 - Micro Syringe Adapters with Re-sealable Caps

2 - 14-gauge blunt Steel injection needles

1- 2.5mm Diamond Drill Bit